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An evening out @ Fleur de Lys

Although I am not a complete foodie, I love trying out gourmet food once in a while and have been around to a few of bay area’s finest. Since our visit to Fleur de Lys was just a couple of weeks back, I decided to start my blog with my most recent happy memory @ a restaurant!

I have been to a few French restaurants before this one, but this sure is going to stand out as one of my fav’s!!!  Fleur de Lys is Top Chef Master Hubert Keller’s restaurant in San Francisco that serves contemporary French food.

Being a Michelin star restaurant, I obviously had really high expectations. We had prior reservations and were seated immediately upon arrival. It’s a small, quiet, elegant and welcoming place. The decor – rustic and dimly lit. The ceiling is excellently done with draped cloth and a gigantic crystal chandelier.

Being a preferred vegetarian, we decided to go for the vegetarian feast. It was a 5-course meal that started with the an appetizing dish that left me wanting for more!

Course 1: (From R to L) Eggplant Caviar, Butternut squash jelly and mini burger with sun-dried tomatoes

Mini burger with sun-dried tomatoes, Butternut Squash Jello, Eggplant Caviar

I absolutely hate eggplants and when our server started describing the course with a mention of eggplant, I started to think that since we had opted for the vegetarian option, most of our dishes are going to be eggplant based, but I was completely wrong.

White Asparagus Soup
White Asparagus Soup

The eggplant caviar was so good that I felt that they should provide at least 3 to start. Oh and by the way, the mini burger is Fleur’s special. A great combination of melted cheddar and sun dried tomatoes.

Course 2: Cold white asparagus soup with English pea puree

Our second course was a cold asparagus soup with asparagus and carrot salad and crispy mushroom fries to go with it. I have never had crispy mushroom and it tasted great with the flavorful soup. The quantity was perfect. Neither to less nor too much!

Course 3: Artichoke seared in basil gravy with cherry tomatoes

I have to admit that this course was my least favorite amongst all the dishes that we had that evening. The artichoke was well cooked, but I was looking for more basil flavor in the curry. Or may be I would have liked it much more if the basil curry was a little more thick and not very watery.

Colorful Vegetable Ragout

Course 4: Colorful vegetable ragout with poached egg and truffles

Yummmmyyy is all I feel like saying for this dish, but it deserves way more than that. A perfect combination of veggies with baby carrots, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and some more which I don’t quite remember now. This dish was very filling too!

Course 5: Chocolate souffle and grand mariner souffle

No meal is complete without dessert and since we were celebrating, we decided to order the moist chocolate souffle and the grand mariner souffle that came with orange cream sauce and cardamom ice-cream. I wish we had taken a few pictures of the souffle, but I guess we were too busy in indulging. Along with the dessert, came a plate of chef’s special mini dessert preparations and another plate of what I would like to call mini french madeleines with chocolate sauce.

Strawberry Cake with Crispy Cracker

And….Yes, I am not finished yet, as a special birthday treat, we were served (strawberry cake wrapped in a thin cookie biscuit). We could not finish all our dessert plates, but what an end to our amazing experience at Fleur de Lys!

They also offer the vegetarian feast with wine pairing and if you are big on wine, you should definitely go for that option. Our server did mention that the option brings out the best of the flavors on your taste palette. The service is excellent, food is delicious and they do everything at their disposal to make your experience special.

An evening out to Fleur de Lys is perfect for a special occasion or even if you feel like getting yourself pampered with super delicious food surrounded by warm and rustic ambiance.


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