Cafe Jacqueline: The best soufflé I ever had!!!

Are you fond of French cuisine?? Especially, soufflés?? Want to have a delicious meal comprising of a variety of soufflés?? JUST SOUFFLÉS?? Then, Café Jacqueline is the place to go.

A small place with just about 10-12 tables in the heart of North Beach, Chef Jacqueline Margulis’ Café Jacqueline is a place to indulge. The restaurant size is just about that of a street shop but the magnitude of dining experience offered by this place is enormous. Café Jacqueline is an intimate and romantic place. Reservations are highly recommended even during weekdays since the place gets filled up pretty quickly.

We choose a weekday since I could not get reservations for a weekend. We were greeted promptly and our courteous waiter showed us our table. Since I had read quite a bit about this place, I wanted to try one of their flavorful teas. To my surprise, our server brought us a tea basket from which we could choose a tea bag. I went for the peach flavored tea. I am not a huge fan of tea, but the peach tea was quite soothing.

For our first course, we ordered the French Onion Soup. The onions were extremely flavorful, the cheese crust – cripsy and the bread inside the soup – perfectly soaked. We have become great fans of this soup ever since we had it at Café Jacqueline and have ordered it many other places, but haven’t found anything that beats this one.

One dish is probably good for two people to share, since you will end up ordering different courses. For our main course, we ordered the White Corn, Ginger-Garlic Gruyère soufflé since our server recommended it. I had not eaten a savory soufflé until I tasted this dish and I totally loved it. Though I am probably not going to find any other place to compare this against since this really is ONE OF A KIND PLACE. Absolutely unique!!!

Strawberry Soufflé

For dessert, we ordered the strawberry  soufflé. When our server brought our  dessert plate, its aroma was distinct and inviting. It was topped with fresh strawberries and dusted with sugar. The soufflé was very light and fluffy. Simply superb!

After dinner, we had the opportunity to go meet chef Jacqueline and thank her for such a lovely experience. It takes a lot of time to bake a soufflé so, if you are going to Jacqueline, go with someone who you can talk to for a loonnnggg time since its going to be leisurely meal. Atleast 2-3 hours! Chef Jacqueline makes these out-of-the-world soufflés all by herself, so it takes time between the courses being served. Each and every soufflé that is served to the guests is made by the chef!!!! Woowwww! I thought that was pretty impressive. I wish I can be half as active as her when I grow as old 🙂

If you are fond of French food, I would highly recommend visiting Cafe Jacqueline. If not for the entire meal, atleast go visit the place to relish the sweet dessert soufflés. It definitely is worth every penny you spend.


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