Caprice – A sunset dinner at the bay!

If you have ever been to Tiburon in Marin County, you would know its a beautiful place with incredible views of the bay. Its a town that is full of exuberance. In Tiburon is one of Marin County’s best places to dine – The Caprice.

Caprice is a restaurant that offers top class food with spectacular views of Golden Gate Bridge, Angel Island and of course, the bay itself with San Francisco in the background. You can’t ask for more in terms of dining experience, can you? The restaurant serves American cuisine with a slight twist.

View of the bay from Caprice

We had reservations for dinner just before sunset, and if you are going to Caprice, I would highly recommend making reservations for an early dinner to enjoy sunset at the bay with an amazing view of Golden Gate Bridge! The restaurant sits right on edge of the water. From the outside, the restaurant  looks like an old and rustic building, but the interiors are quite cozy. There is not much decor once you enter the restaurant, but I guess it was best to keep it simple so that guests can enjoy the splendid views through the glass windows. Most of the tables are at the windows, so you can see the water through them. But, make sure to specifically ask for a window table when you are making a reservation! You can see birds flying back home just before sunset. It is a site to relish. To our surprise, we also spotted seals jumping in and out of the water when we were there.

Fog covered Golden Gate Bridge

Unfortunately, it was foggy on the day we went, so we were not able to view San Francisco clearly, but I am sure if you go on a clear day, you can see a grand panoramic view of the city, part of Angel island and Golden Gate Bridge. I have to admit that the placement of the tables for two is such that the view of Golden Gate Bridge is better from one side of the table. The person seated on the other side of the table has to turn over to look at the bridge.

Brentwood Corn Soup

Soon after we were seated, our server got table bread. It was seemed as if it was freshly made and just out of the oven. I really like corn so for the appetizer, we ordered the Brentwood corn soup. Needless to say, it was very tasty, but the icing on top was the corn fritter inside. Caprice does specialize in seafood, and I being a vegetarian, was searching the menu for an interesting vegetarian entrée. I decided to ask our server for help and he suggested that I order the chef’s special gnocchi dish. My entrée was good, but I have had similar if not better gnocchi dishes elsewhere. The place does not have too many vegetarian options, so if you are a hard-core vegetarian, don’t go with high expectations on the food front. My husband ordered boat scallops with ginger butter sauce and he loved it. The sauce gave the dish a lot of flavor.

Lemon and vanilla mousse

Once it was dark, we could see the lights on GGB. If you really care about the ambiance and more importantly the view while you are dining, Caprice is the place to visit. I have not been to a restaurant which offers a better view than Caprice. For dessert, we ordered the Molten chocolate cake and the lemon and vanilla mousse with raspberries. The chocolate cake was warm and gooey and they served it with ice cream. I don’t quite remember what ice cream it was, but it was absolutely delicious. The lemon and vanilla dessert was great too. All in all, a nice overall meal 🙂

Caprice is a cute little place that would be perfect for an extra special dinner. If you have friends/family visiting SF and you are taking them to Angel island via Tiburon, spend some time in Tiburon and treat them to a quality dinner at Caprice.


4 thoughts on “Caprice – A sunset dinner at the bay!

  1. It is indeed an awesome place, specially if you go there in between summer and winter, but more like, 60% winter and 40% summer… and u should try their strawberry salad.. its awesome..


      1. Sure. I must appreciate your effort and courage to invite me. And of course, you otta try strawberry salad. They serve only for one month. So, better find out when they will be offering.


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