Acrylics on Canvas: Landscape painting

Although I never learnt how to paint with acrylics, I did learn a few oil painting techniques during one of my college breaks. About 3 months back, I started painting with acrylics.  I read a lot about painting with oil vs. painting with acrylics before I made the decision to give acrylics a try. I am no connoisseur on either, but I enjoyed working with acrylics slightly more than oil. I guess its a little less messy!!!

I am learning to paint landscapes right now and experimenting with different techniques. I had only used flat paint brushes until this point, so I was unaware of the subtle effects a variety of brushes and other tools could bring. Here’s what the end result of one of my experiments with acrylics looks like 🙂


Sun setting landscape with Acrylics


I would like to share a few fascinating techniques I learnt while painting this landscape.

Tip #1: Use a sponge to paint backgrounds.

Loading sponges with different shades of color and blending it is easier due to the wide surface of the sponge.

Tip #2: Use a narrow palette knife to give texture to a surface.

The mountains (in black) were painted using a narrow palette knife. I let the painting dry after this first run (Stage 1).


End of Stage 1


Tip #3: Use fan and scruffy brushes to paint different kinds of trees.

I have to admit, I have become a FAN of the fan brush 🙂 The tree on the left was painted using a fan brush and the tree on the extreme right was painting with the help of a scruffy brush. That was stage 2 of my painting.

Tip #4: Use a script liner to paint extremely thin details.

Unfortunately, I did not have a script liner and ended using a regular brush, so the shrubs did not turn out as I expected. I painted the sun using a lot of clear medium so that it gave the appearance of light passing through.


End of Stage 2


For all of you who enjoy painting, I would highly recommend Donna Dewberry’s book on “Landscape Painting”. The book teaches you each and every tip/technique I mentioned in this blog. I painted this picture by following the book and I was surprised by how easy it was to follow and learn some great techniques. I hope you liked the final outcome 🙂


Final outcome



13 thoughts on “Acrylics on Canvas: Landscape painting

  1. fabulous paintings, colour combination and its effects are very natural, sky , sun, mountains and trees all looks excellent, well done, congrates


    1. You could use any acrylic color. I use tube colors as opposed to bottle ones but the brand should not matter. You can do the mountains without the palette knife but the knife will help in giving it some texture


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