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Mix: A Stylish dining experience in Las Vegas!

When you are in Vegas, choosing a restaurant to dine can be very difficult, since Vegas has abundant choices to offer. Last year, while we were debating about picking a place to celebrate and could not decide, the concierge at The Venetian suggested we opt for a dining experience at Mix. Mix – a modern lounge on the 64th floor of Mandalay bay is sure to wow you with the breathtaking view of the strip if not for anything else!!! Btw, the food is great too. Mix offers diners with American and French cuisine.

It is but obvious that the location seals half the deal for a great dining experience. I mean view from 64 stories up high at any place is going to be worth a look. When we visited this place last year, and it was not crowded at all, which was surprising considering it was a weekend. I guess we were a little early for dinner. But having heard the concierge rave about it, we had high expectations nevertheless. As soon as you enter Mix, there is an open terrace lobby where you can step out to get a few clicks or just use their telescopes to get a grand view of Vegas. If you are just planning on getting a drink or two, you can just sit in the lounge area viewing the strip through the glass panels. They also have a few tables outside in the terrace, so if it is not very cold, it would be truly worth sitting outside in the lobby!

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We spent some time in the terrace admiring the view and then some time in the lounge area while our table was being set up. The lobby and the lounge area are dimly lit with red and blue lights. But as soon as you move to the dining area, the red/blue colors sort of die out and it is all white and crystal-like. You almost get a heavenly feel. The eye-catching chandelier is made with hand blown glass spheres. The white staircase literally gave me the feel of ascending to some place serene. Needless to say, if you are going for dinner, ask for a window view.


Once we were seated, to seal the other half of the dining experience, we started looking through the menus. Our server introduced himself and suggested that we let the chef come up with a great vegetarian appetizer for me instead or ordering from the menu. And we let him. My dish was a layered combination of cucumber, eggplant and mozzarella cheese to go with baby spinach salad with some sort of a mango sauce. I absolutely hate eggplant, but whenever I go to these restaurants, I get a different perspective and taste of this vegetable and I like that about it 🙂 My husband had ordered a slow baked halibut made with seared foie gras, brussel sprouts and black truffle vinaigrette and he found it pretty tasty.

Main course: Tuna tartare with Taro chipsFor our main course, I had tender potato gnocchi and my husband ordered the big eye tuna tartare with mango chutney and taro chips. The taro chips were mouth-watering. After a filling dish of entrée, we asked our server to suggest options for dessert and he said that since we were celebrating, he was going to get us a plate of 5 different desserts. Whenever we visit such places, we are always big on desserts, so we immediately agreed to go with his idea. The presentation of the dessert plate made it even more tempting to try them all at once. I don’t quite remember all the 5 dishes, but the caramel flan was good, so was the chocolate mousse but the star of the evening was the champagne like jello topped with raspberries!!! Our meal was deliciousssss 🙂

Dessert Plate of 5

If you are in Vegas and want to spend some time admiring the strip views with some great food, I would highly recommend going to Mix. All in all, “CHIC” is the word to describe the place…


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