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Bocadillos: My first unplanned blog entry

15 previous posts and here I am with a rule breaker post. When I initially envisioned about blogging, I was pretty clear about the topics I wanted to focus on. Each of my previous blog entries were planned and I knew the specifics that were going to get jotted in those blog entries. I had thought about what I wanted to share as and when I was researching about a particular destination or a restaurant or while I was at that place, cherishing every single moment of being there. Btw, I also have a list of places, restaurants and paintings that I never want to blog about because they have not wowed me and I am a believer in writing and sharing good stuff. That’s one more RULE that I have: Always write about places that you really like.

But since the main purpose about my blog is to re-live happy memories, here’s this blog – a girls night out at a cute tapas restaurant in San Francisco. This blog is special not only for the place, but for the lovely time spent with 2 great buddies. Thanks to my friend “A” for taking us to this cozy little restaurant. It was totally her idea and full credit to her for picking this place for dinner. By the way, A could not (or rather did not want to) come up with alias to use in my blog and since I am against using real names in my blog (one more RULE), I’ll just refer to her as A for the lack of a better alias!!! Well, I never said I was going to break ALL my blog writing RULES 😉

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So, as I stated, I went to San Francisco for a girls night out last weekend with 2 great buddies (A and R) and we went to Bocadillos in the Financial District. I had not even heard about the name of the place till I went there so I had no expectations and was definitely not evaluating the food and the ambiance from a blogging perspective. I am not going to elaborate on food, but here’s what we had on our table:
– A plate of roasted beet salad with vinaigrette
– A plate of crispy fried brussel sprouts
– A plate of mushrooms with garlic
– A yummy dessert dish with a funky name: “Arm of gypsy” Hazelnut mousse
– Seasonal fresh fruit sorbet: 3 different flavors – black currant, lemon ginger and may be apricot (I don’t quite remember the third flavor)

But the cherry on the cake was:
– A humongous platter full of happy moments and good times 🙂

Although I have not reviewed the food at Bocadillos here, I would like to state that it was delicious and the place is contemporary in a way and has its own charm. Before this post, I had started wondering if I was having a writer’s block. May be I was just weary of too much planned blog writing. Once again a big thank you to A and R for some wonderful moments and inspiring to write my first unplanned blog entry 😀


7 thoughts on “Bocadillos: My first unplanned blog entry

  1. Thanks P.
    Special thanks for the mention in the blog.. as usual its wonderly written.. right from the heart..

    Lets have one more night out, before my husband is back.. what say R?


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