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Glass painting on plastic/plexiglass

Glass painting on a medium that is not glass is not very different from actually painting on glass. It is quite a challenge to take care of actual glass and get it framed. I figured that if you are not painting on glass objects but glass frames, and want to avoid getting glass cuts and the maintenance that comes with it especially when you move, it is a good idea to paint on plastic or plexiglass.

Here is a painting that I created on a big photo frame. Just remove the hardcover from the back and it will give you almost the same effect as an actual glass painting. A great place to start is using templates that are available easily from art stores. This is one of my first few paintings created using a template before I moved to enlarging designs from books.

Glass painting on plastic medium

A few tips if you are planning on painting on pseudo-glass or non-glass transparent mediums:
– Allow for more drying time with the leading liquid designs
– Use colors that give stained glass effect as opposed to the regular glass painting colors
– The shading is not as great as on glass so use appropriate tools when mixing the colors


7 thoughts on “Glass painting on plastic/plexiglass

  1. beautiful! ❤ love the roses 🙂

    Is there a store that sells pre-cut (!!!) plexiglass? Like tiny plexiglass circles already pierced?


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