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Ristorante Portofino: An oceanfront Italian dining experience

Ever since I started writing this blog, I have received slightly more applause on my restaurant and dining experience blogs. I have had a few friends telling me that they absolutely cherish reading my food related blogs. I guess the reason is pretty straight forward. Who doesn’t like good food, right? So I’d like to share one more of my dining experiences at a cute Italian place in Pacifica, CA. Actually eating at Ristorante Portofino was probably my first “elegant dining experience”.

Ristorante Portofino was previously known as Moonraker. It is located at the Best Western Lighthouse hotel. They have a seating area with rounded sofas with the tables facing the ocean. You can enjoy dinner while watching sunset at this oceanfront restaurant. As soon as you are seated, you are greeted with a stunning view of the crashing waves through huge glass windows. Definitely, full points for the view! Oh and the sound of those waves crashing against the rocks and the beach make it even more impressive :). Needless to state this, but while making reservations, make sure you ask for the oceanfront view else it defeats the purpose of going there!

Food… I faintly remember all the dishes we ordered but I do remember the appetizer. Well it was one of the most innovative appetizers I have ever had so far – Marinated garlic cloves. I have never eaten so many garlic cloves at one time. They were cooked and I have no idea how, but all I remember is that they were extremely tasty. I believe we had gnocchi and clams for the main course. The main course was not very remarkable. Tiramisu for dessert was good though I did not have a lot to compare against at that time. Unfortunately, I don’t even have pictures to share but google should provide you with a glimpse of the spectacular views that the restaurant has to offer.

Food at Portofino is ordinarily good (minus the garlic cloves – they were extraordinary), but nevertheless, dining at Portofino is one of my fondest memories :). And Portofino was probably, if not most certainly, how our love of going out on these great dining experiences started.

It has been a while since I visited this place, so I cannot completely vouch for the food quality, might have degraded or might have improved! But go try it next time you pass by or are in Pacifica. The beautiful view is definitely worth it 🙂


6 thoughts on “Ristorante Portofino: An oceanfront Italian dining experience

  1. Hey Prutha,

    Thanks for the post. Ive been meaning to try this one out for a while but dont feel like making a special trip just for the food. As a suggestion, could you please include pictures of whatever you order in your restaurant posts? I abso went by your writing (which is very engaging) and pictures when you reviewed Fleur de Lys.


    1. Kanchan: Thank you for reading as well as the suggestion :). I will definitely try including pictures in the restaurant posts going forward. Unfortunately, I did not have any for this one since we went to Portofino a long long time back. You guys should go whenever you pass by Pacifica. The view from this place is very picturesque


  2. Yes, that’s true your dining experience blogs are more engaging but nevertheless, I also enjoyed reading your travel experiences blogs. Very nicely written.. 🙂


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