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My first oil painting

I miss painting…big time! Ever since we downgraded from our spacious 2BHK to a 1BHK, we have had a lot of things carefully packed and put into storage. Although my painting supplies did not make that stash, I just had a small drawer to store all of my colors and I have not dared to open that up thinking that I will not be able to refit everything back in that space! I know that’s quite sad but 6 months of not holding the paint brush and I am really missing it! But, I have a few painting/art pieces lined up which I can share with all you readers.

Also, since the category of “painting” gets the most hits on this blog, I thought it’s about time I put a painting blog. I learnt painting with oil paints on a canvas some 10-12 years back and my stint with self-learning acrylic painting was inspired by my experiences with oil paints. So here’s an image of my first oil painting on canvas.

Oil painting on canvas

One memory that will stick with me for a long time 🙂


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