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Ostrich Land – Feeding the Big Birds

We’ve traveled along the California coast from North to South and vice-versa plenty of times visiting quaint beach towns to major cities along the way. And stopped at the same pretty places multiple times. It doesn’t get less prettier, but at some point you do get the feeling that may be next time when you are driving along the coast, you should stop at a place where you’ve never been before . So, on our latest road trip on California State Route 1 from the bay area down south, we decided to stop at towns which were not too touristy, and decided to visit places that we had not visited on one of our earlier trips. It was one of my best road trips, and probably demands a separate blog post for each unique stop that we took. This post is for a 2 hour stop that we took on our way to Solvang and is memorable for a different reason. I am not an animal person and that’s not too difficult to gauge if you’ve spent a little time with me. Any living being four-legged and as tiny as a foot tall has the capacity of scaring the living hell out me. So when I was presented with the idea of spending time bird feeding 6-9 feet tall ostriches and emus, I was dubious nevertheless. I still decided to give it a try thinking that at best, I could stand at a distance and take pictures. And hence was made the decision to spend some time to feed ostriches and emus after reading rave reviews on Yelp about OstrichLand. The overall experience definitely left me with sweet memories!!!


I can now say that OstrichLand near Solvang is one of the best “things-to-do-in-Solvang” if you are visiting Solvang or Santa Barbara. I am surprised that we never came across this on our Santa Barbara/Solvang trips. Spare an hour/hour and a half when you are in the area and you will not be disappointed. It should be a unique experience for kids as well as adults. The ostrich farm is in the city of Buellton right on Highway 246 on the way to Solvang. You enter through the gift shop (that has some cool stuff too) and purchase entry tickets along with feeding pans for the birds. The shop owner gives you a quick walkthrough of instructions and you are ready to go!

After my first encounter, I returned to the store to get more food pans 🙂 Oh what fun!

Pretty pink beaks and big eyes (actually largest among land animals)!


And the long necks!


Few Fun Facts about Ostriches
– Ostriches are the largest and fastest birds in the world (No brownie points for guessing that :P)
– Ostriches cannot fly. They are flightless, and instead are built for running.
– Ostriches grow a foot per month until they reach 8 or 9 feet tall!
– Each ostrich egg is equivalent in size to 2 dozen (24) chicken eggs!
– Ostriches have no teeth. They swallow pebbles that help grind the swallowed food in the gizzard. (This was shocker for me!)
– Ostriches do not bury their heads in the sand (Myth Busted :D)


I am sure after reading the fun facts about ostriches and looking at the pictures you would be tempted to visit OstrichLand on your Solvang trip 😀


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