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Counting it down – 50 Travel Memories (Part 1)

Lately, my blogging world has been full of folks who inspire me to diligently work towards checking items off my bucket list, experiencing adventures, overcoming fears and dreaming big :). I had started enjoying the role of a silent reader reading some amazing content that my blogging buddies were blogging about so much that my blog writing had taken a backseat. Blame it on being swamped with things on the personal front, or just being plain tired of my regular writing style. All the inspirations that I have drawn over the past few months from my fellow bloggers, made me think about my bucket lists, adventures, fears and dreams. So, I decided to do a count down to 50 of my most memorable travel ventures (be it day trips, adventures, things that I did to overcome fears or just a short walk down the street ;). This series of 5 blog posts will also be a countdown to my 50th blog post (Drum rolls please:-):-):-))

What I loved about this exercise was that it made me browse through over 8 years of stored memory in my brain to refresh some lovely and happy days spent with friends and family. I was also surprised to know that a couple of the most obvious travel destinations did not make the list and places I only spent an hour or 2 made it to the list. Are you ready to see what made it to the list? Let’s rock and roll then!!!

50. Griffith Park Hollywood Hike – Fall 2004
Fall of 2004 was when I came to the US and got introduced to hiking. A bunch of seniors at USC planned to take us hiking on the Mount Hollywood trail at the Griffith Park. It was a hike to remember – great views of the all famous HOLLYWOOD sign, 360 degree view of Los Angeles and a hike to make me fall in love with hiking.

Griffith Park
Griffith Park
Griffith Park Hollywood Sign Hike - How I fell in love with hiking!
Griffith Park Hollywood Sign Hike – How I fell in love with hiking!

49. Old Faithful Geyser – California – Spring 2008
Before even I put witnessing geyser’s in Yellowstone on my bucket list, I witnessed the Old Faithful Geyser in California. Yes, a geyser in California! Let me warn ya: It is not worth going there – absolutely not. We literally waited about 2 hours to see it erupt! Why is it memorable then? Memorable because those 2 hours were spent with great friends 🙂

Old faithful geyser in California
Old faithful geyser in California

48. Joshua Tree National Park – Sometime in 2005
My first trip in a convertible (ofcourse, courtesy of a friend). And I don’t even remember how the endangered Joshua tree looks like :). It was much later I realized that Joshua Tree National Park is one of the endangered national parks in the US high on most nature-lover’s list!

Josha Tree National Park - Spot the Joshua tree!
Josha Tree National Park – Spot the Joshua tree!

47. Santa Rosa WildLife Park – Spring 2008
Out of the many zoos, wildlife parks, seaworlds I have been to, I have fond memories of Santa Rosa Wildlife Park, because of the jeep Safari!

Safari West - Santa Rosa
Safari West – Santa Rosa

46. Los Angeles Downtown Walking Tour – Fall 2004
During our first week of orientation at USC, the school administration arranged a walking tour of LA downtown for all the international students. There were around 40 odd students who signed up for the tour. Union Station, Angels Flight, Walt Disney structure might be the only things I remember from the tour, but that day was one of my best travel days! Below is a photo of all the students posing. Try finding me!

Los Angeles Downtown Walking Tour - USC International Students
Los Angeles Downtown Walking Tour – USC International Students

45. Calistoga Hot Springs Spa, Napa Valley – Spring 2012
It had all elements of a perfect weekend getaway in California’s wine country Napa. Natural mudbaths with volcanic ashes, hot spring Jacuzzi and relaxation galore!

44. Kings Canyon National Park – Fall 2009
The least crowded national park I have been too, with the most scenic and breathtaking routes. Camping in the wilderness, tons of waterfalls and picturesque landscapes with serenity that very few parks can offer these days.

43. Palm Springs – Sometime in 2007
I want to go back to Palm Springs because we haven’t explored the town to its fullest. However; my first trip to Palm Springs was memorable due to a few reasons: The aerial tram ride, hiking in the snow at 8000 ft and some singing and dancing :).

Palm Springs - en route to the top on the aerial tramway
Palm Springs – en route to the top on the aerial tramway

42. Universal Studios in Los Angeles – Fall 2005
Having stayed in Southern California for 4 years, I have made quite a few trips to Universal, but the very first was extremely memorable, because we visited the park on a rainy September Day with very less crowd. It was my first trip in the rains in the US! Seriously, who goes to a theme park when its raining cats and dogs!!!

Universal Studios in LA rain
Universal Studios in LA rain

41. Hearst Castle – Summer 2008
I like architecture, palaces, castles, vintage work, gardens, statues, sculptures – And Hearst Castle was all of that combined.

Hearst Castle
Hearst Castle

So that was 41-50 on my list. Top 40 to follow soon!


5 thoughts on “Counting it down – 50 Travel Memories (Part 1)

  1. Great to read your travel blog, Prutha. My wife and I love traveling as well and we keep scouting for places to check out (not necessarily all touristy, but somewhere we can experience local culture) – can’t wait through the countdown and start adding places to our list 🙂


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