Why I write…

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to each and everyone of you readers. I want to reach out to each one of you and thank you from the core of my heart. Its been an amazing journey of blogging so far and over the past 3 years and 50 posts, I have learnt and adapted based on the inputs I have received from my readers.

When I started writing 3 years back, I used to get disappointed when there weren’t enough hits. Watching blog stats was an everyday thing and declining views, a pet peeve. I often used to express my disappointment people used to tell me: “You should write for yourself. You should write because it makes you feel good. The stats are not a measure of anything.” I partly agree. If I was just writing for myself, I can very much write a personal diary. I don’t need a public platform for that. I don’t write for myself. Yes, blogging makes me feel good because I have a long lost love for writing. I may not be good at it, but hey, its still a love.

Today to express that love for writing, I want to write about why I write!

I write because You read, You like, You applaud, You appreciate, You encourage, You critique (I love my critics, they know who they are and I know they are smirking while reading this).

You are and always will be a big part of why I write

So thanks again and please keep reading. I’d love to hear suggestions on what you would like to read about. Do tell 🙂


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