Bumble: THE PERFECT place for a weekend brunch with kids

Ever found yourself googl-ing “kid friendly restaurants around XYZ area”? I find myself doing that quite often. Too often actually!!! Most of the times, we just end up going to regular restaurants that really aren’t catered to babies or toddlers, but at least it keeps the foodies in us alive. When N turned about a year old, we started a family brunch/lunch outing almost every weekend. I can tell he really enjoys it and we try not to miss it. So one fine day while I was going crazy filtering the baby friendly restaurant search list to find a place for our weekend brunches, I stumbled upon a restaurant called “Bumble” in Los Altos. And what a find it was 🙂


Bumble is a kid-friendly farm-to-table restaurant in beautiful Los Altos downtown that features a playroom which the parents can use to check their kids in while they have a meal. Parents can have food for kids delivered inside the playroom and the staff helps them wash their hands and cut up food. Really the first of a kind restaurant that I have come across in the bay area.
I made reservations for our usual weekend brunch for a Saturday for the 3 of us. We also planned on checking him into the playroom for sometime so we could sit and enjoy our cups of coffee. When we entered there was a huge sand play area where plenty of kids were playing. Once inside, we asked if we could check out the play area. We took N inside and he had just woken up from his nap and refused to leave us and go to the play area. We thought we’ll have food and then check him in so we went back to our table and decided to order.
Outside sand play area at Bumble
I did feel that the choice on the menu is limited, but with all the other perks that this place has to offer, it really doesn’t matter. We ordered a bowl of banana and honey nut steel cut oats, Huevos rancheros and the vanilla bean crepes for us and a grilled cheese sandwich for N. Food was good, very fresh. A special mention for their vanilla bean crepes with blueberry compote and mascarpone cream. M & N relished the very last bite of it 🙂
After a fabulous brunch, we took N back to the playroom and checked him in. He ran to hug the huge teddy bear that was lying on the floor. We were skeptical if he would stay there for even 10 minutes, but he soon started moving around. The staff was sweet enough to carry him around and give him a few toys to play with. We were watching him from outside while we sat and chat. We only used the playroom for half an hour, but I guess it was a good start. The next time we go back, we’ll try for a longer duration. Upon checkout I requested the staff if I could take a few pictures of the playroom and they were kind enough to let me do so. On our way out, N played for a few minutes in the sand box and then we headed home.

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 The team at Bumble have really thought out and made the place conducive to parents as well as non-parents. There is a separate adult-only patio where kids are not allowed for folks who wish for that and enjoy Bumble’s fabulous food. The restrooms have a supply of diapers and there are stepping stools for the little ones near the basin.
We’ll definitely be returning to Bumble soon – with a bunch of our friends and their lovely kids.

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