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Fingerpainting fun for babies and toddlers

As a kid, I remember drawing/painting at school to be my favorite subject. Well, if you ask my parents they would definitely say painting came after Math when it came to favoritism but to tell you the truth, I outgrew Math pretty quickly. Painting still remains a favorite – though not as a subject but as something that I always look forward too just like I used to when I was a kid. Painting is also one of the first few words that my toddler learnt to speak. He points to all my glass painting around the house saying “paintin” and anything and everything that is on the walls as “paintin” even when it is not. So I decided that for mother’s day this year we were going to do our first art project together 🙂

He is too young to use crayons and a coloring book so I thought finger painting would be a great idea. Painting with babies this young can get messy so a bunch of friends decided to meet at the park and have some fun 🙂 Initially, I had decided to make edible paints since my son puts everything in his mouth and colorful paints would definitely be intriguing to a 17 month old but due to time constraints we ended up using the non-toxic ready made paint I bought along with the special finger painting glossy paper.

Finger Painting Fun
Finger Painting Fun

We picked the picnic area at the park and covered the area with packing paper so that the surface would not get stained with color. Once the colors were out on the plate the kiddos had a go at it. N was only interested in smearing the paint in the plate rather than his paper. He mixed all the colors in the plate and was having fun doing that. All I was doing was trying to hold him back so that he wouldn’t go and smear my friends and their kids paintings! But it was fun nevertheless. My friend’s daughter picked up individual colors so I am hoping when N grows up a little, we’ll make a master piece.

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After an hour of mixing up colors on plate and finger painting, we finally got the hang of it. All of us decided to just take hand prints of everyone and let it dry. After multiple unsuccessful attempts, I was happy with one where we got decent prints of M, N and me. I used the hand prints as trees and created branches and flowers later on! Here’s the final outcome of our first art project together. I am going to frame it and put it up in the nursery until we make another one!

Finger Painting Fun
Finger Painting Fun

I am sure this art work will be a great addition to N’s book of firsts. I really enjoyed every bit of it and I have a feeling N did too. Can’t wait for our next painting day together!!!


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